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Welcome to our new practice website

George Rosevear

George Rosevear & Mary Talbot-Rosevear, partners of G H W Rosevear & Co., welcome you to our new website.

We have broken down our range of services and chosen to give a fair level of detail about each offered. Frequently, as many clients are already aware, you can avail yourself of multiple services across several disciplines.

In addition, we are able to utilise the content of our professional bodies’ libraries and publications to post articles about the latest developments and news  in Accountancy, Taxation, Corporate Governance and our various Legal and Property Management services.

We hope that existing clients may find other services to avail themselves of and news items of interest.

For first time visitors to the website, we hope there is enough of interest for you to make personal contact via the website

Very soon, we will also be adding a personal portal that is password driven for existing clients.

Our colleague Terry Bailey, a notable graphic designer, who now works alongside us, has designed and built our new website.

We hope you enjoy the visit and please get in touch with us if you think we can be of any help to you.

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